This style of editing was assigned in 2017 advanced digital photography course. 



2017 adv. digitial photography course at a&m commerce assignment to create composites. 

2, 2, 2

This set of images derives from my 2017 fall semester in advanced digital photography course where we show about the extent of photoshop knowledge we had. these are before and afters of our own personal editing process.

Framing Hands

shot in April 2015

in my second year of college I was assigned to shoot a 10-print series of photos that correlate. i chose to pick 10 individuals to photograph and have them frame their face with their hands however they see fit.

i decided on this idea because i believe hands tell a story of who the person is through size, jewelry, what we wear on our wrists, etc. i've found individual's personalities also show through the hand formation they decide in framing their face.


shot in 2014 + 2016. i started this project to demonstrate my on-going battle between how i look with makeup versus how i am naturally. shot twice to demonstrate the longevity of my skin's struggles. 

this is sensitive for me to showcase as i've always been embarrassed by my textured complexion. it flabbergasts me to know i need so many steps in order to feel comfortable enough to be seen. pour and smear on foundation, darken my brows, browns and nudes around my eyes, plaster gel on my lashes, and smear lipstick on. makeup is an interest of mine that i do enjoy, but for the past 12+ years of my life have also used it as a crutch.